Pessegueiro island, portugal.

REFLECTIVE JOURNEY . THE PATH . SENSORY MEMORY . The path of those who come from outside the island to an especial retreat. This unique experience developed by mark the island with pure geometric elements (docks and a chapel). Those elements, blocks of white marble, will bring to landscape references and space for reflection. The trip to the chapel will provide a contemplation experience. We observe the nature, listen to the birds and the waves, breathe the breeze, touch the land and taste the natural flavour of the sea. When we arrived at the chapel, we will get the higher experience to contemplation. We will enter the shelter and we will no longer have the visual island reference, just the tree. It becomes a moment of silence, loneliness and meditation. Only the matter, the light and the memory of the sea exist.

CONTEMPLATIVE WALK . MATERIALITY AND SHAPE . ARTIFICIAL VERSUS NATURE . The hardness of the geometric object against the vulnerable raw of nature. The chapel and the docks are made with a unique material. A stone from Alentejo - the Estremoz marble. Each one, made from one block carved from this noble stone. The bright white colour that reflects the light and contrasts to the warm earth and its vegetation make this project a mark to who will see it outside the island. Those megalithic elements, with almost a mythologic character, will contrast with the nature of the island and its ruins. They will be landmarks too.

TIME TO SILENCE . CHAPEL . LEADS TO THE DEPTH OF THE SOUL . A peculiar element in the landscape. Territorial space that contrasts with other existing artificial elements that already been consumed by the nature of the island. An inhospitable object of compact geometry that invites us to a deepening of our own existence. And guide us to an inner resonance. The route in the chapel has a beginning a middle and an end. The entrance is made through a stripped platform cosy to a tree. A moment of pause for a blow of pure air and contemplation. Then we get a breath and go down in the funnel-shaped staircase which leads us to a vertex where everything converges. There it's the core of this experience. The arrival at the main purpose...The self.